Gluten-Free Raised Dozen

We said we would never do a GF donut unless it tasted good.  These taste great!  It took a lot of work to get it right, but worth it.  Made with the same real ingredient TLC that we do for our luscious donuts, the GFs have an all-purpose GF flour and a little something extra to make them delicious.  Prepared in a separate area and fried in a separate fryer, they are given the best care to be truly Gluten-Free.  *Please note that we do our best not to cross-contaminate our donut varieties, but other flours are nearby.  These donuts are not 100% GF, so if you are heavy Ciliacs, you may want to refrain.


4 Chocolate Frosted, 4 Glazed and 4 Powdered good.

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